Your Face will be your Passport soon, Changi Airport in Singapore will start using Biometric Technology

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Your face will be your passport soon, Changi Airport in Singapore will start using biometric technology

Your face will be your passport soon, Changi Airport in Singapore will start using biometric technology

Beginning early in the next year, Singapore will implement groundbreaking biometric immigration clearance at Changi airport. According to CNN, this cutting-edge system will let travelers leave the city without needing a conventional passport and instead using just their biometric information.

The city-state would be among the first few nations to approve computerized immigration clearance, Communications Minister Josephine Teo stated earlier this week.

On September 18, the Singaporean government approved a number of changes to the nation’s Immigration Act, the article said.

The top airport in the world, Singapore Airport, already employs biometric and facial recognition technologies. However, procedures will probably become quicker and more efficient with biometric immigration clearance.

Minister Teo claims that the changes to the Immigration Act make it less necessary for travellers to repeatedly produce their travel documents at checkpoints and enable a more streamlined and practical processing.

According to the report, Teo stated that a “single token of authentication” will be implemented as part of its complex biometrics initiative at a number of automated touch points, from bag drops through clearance and boarding.

The most recent technique will make it unnecessary to present boarding tickets and passports at any airport checkpoints.

With over 100 airlines linking Changi Airport to 400 cities and around 100 nations and territories globally, it is also one of the busiest airports in the entire globe. The airport handled 5.12 million passenger movements in June alone. Since the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic in January 2020, the numbers had not gone over the 5 million threshold.

Due to the continued increase in travellers, the airport will shortly have its fifth terminal in addition to its present four.

Teo noted that while maintaining national security, “our immigration systems must be able to manage this high and growing volume of travellers efficiently and provide a positive clearance experience.”

The Dubai International Airport, among other nations, features biometric “smart gates” tunnels that employ facial recognition to quickly authenticate travellers.

Hong Kong International Airport, Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Indira Gandhi International in Delhi, London Heathrow, and Paris Charles de Gaulle all employ facial recognition technology.

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