We are at War, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Replies to Hamas Horrific Attack

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We are at War, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Replies to Hamas Horrific Attack

We are at War, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Replies to Hamas Horrific Attack

Israel, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is “at war” with Hamas militants who run the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu’s remarks in a televised broadcast are his first since Hamas rulers in Gaza launched a huge, multi-front offensive on Israel at dawn Saturday.

He ordered a reservist call-up and pledged that Hamas would “pay a price it hasn’t known until now.”

“We’re at war,” Netanyahu declared. “Not a ‘operation,’ not a ’round,’ but at war.”

The prime minister also directed the military to cleanse infiltrated towns of Hamas militants who were still engaged in gun battles with Israeli soldiers.

On a significant holiday, Hamas launched thousands of missiles into Israel and dispatched dozens of fighters across the country’s heavily defended border, a spectacular display of power that took Israel off guard.

According to an AFP correspondent, Israel’s army carried out at least two air attacks on the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

“Dozens of IDF fighter jets are currently striking a number of targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip,” a statement from the Israeli military said.

More than 5,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza, according to Hamas’ military wing, which governs the blockaded coastal territory. According to medics, at least one Israeli, a woman in her 60s, was killed by rocket fire.

Israel’s defence minister declared that the Hamas militant group has launched a war against Israel, promising that “Israel will win.”

Following a security cabinet meeting at Israel’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant warned that Hamas had “made a grave mistake” by unleashing missile barrages into southern and central Israel in a surprise morning strike.

“Troops are fighting against the enemy in every location,” he stated in a statement.

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For nearly two years, Israeli-Palestinian violence has been on the rise, with fatalities in the occupied West Bank at an all-time high.

Rockets had already flashed across the sky repeatedly following the first launches from different points around the Palestinian territory at 6.30 a.m. (0330 GMT), according to AFP journalists in Gaza City.

The armed branch of Hamas, which rules Gaza, claimed responsibility for the aerial assault, claiming that its militants launched thousands of rockets and captured an Israeli tank.

When contacted by AFP, Israel’s army did not immediately respond to the tank claim.

Security chiefs in Israel met to discuss the violence, which occurred on Shabbat and on a Jewish holiday.

Air raid sirens sounded over southern and central Israel, and the army ordered civilians to shelter in place.

Multiple rockets were intercepted by Israeli air defence systems, according to AFP correspondents in Jerusalem. More sirens wailed across the city than in any other Gaza conflict in the previous three years.

Hundreds of civilians fled their houses in eastern Gaza to avoid the Israeli border, according to an AFP correspondent.

According to the correspondent, men, women, and children carrying blankets and food fled their homes, primarily in the territory’s northeastern region.

A regional council for Israeli villages northeast of Gaza says its head was slain in a firefight with Gazan terrorists.

According to medics, fifteen additional people were injured, two of them critically.

In the beachfront city of Tel Aviv, an AFP photographer noticed a gaping hole in a building with occupants gathered outside.

The US condemned the Hamas rocket launch and encouraged “all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks.”

“Terrorism and violence solve nothing,” tweeted the US Office of Palestinian Affairs on X, formerly Twitter.

Since 2007, when Hamas assumed power, Israel has enforced a crushing embargo on Gaza.

Since then, Palestinian militants and Israel have fought multiple destructive conflicts.

The current violence comes after Israel blocked the border to Gazan labourers for two weeks in September.

The crossing was closed when Palestinian protesters along the border torched tyres and threw rocks and petrol bombs at Israeli troops, who retaliated with tear gas and live bullets.

The resumption of worker transit on September 28 raised expectations of alleviating the situation in Gaza, which is home to 2.3 million Palestinians.

In May, 34 Palestinians and one Israeli were killed in an exchange of Israeli air strikes and Gaza rocket fire.

According to Israeli and Palestinian officials, at least 247 Palestinians, 32 Israelis, and two foreigners have been killed in the fighting this year, including combatants and bystanders on both sides.

The number of army raids, Palestinian attacks on Israelis, and Israeli settler violence against Palestinians and their property has increased.

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