Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24

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Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24

Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24: India, world’s largest democracies, governed by two houses in the capital city of New Delhi.

Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha the names of these two houses, and members chosen through elections. We here to provide you all the information about the Upcoming Elections in India in 2023–2024.

There are several elections, the Lok Sabha Elections in 2024, the Rajya Sabha Elections, and the State-Based Vidhan Sabha Elections.

According to the Future Election Schedule 2023–24, the Electoral Commission of India holds these elections on a regular basis.

Lok Sabha Election

Lok Sabha is the lower house of the Parliament of India. It is the representative body of India and members elected by the citizens of India

Through a general election held every five years. The Lok Sabha is responsible for making laws, discussing and debating various issues, and representing the interests of the people.

The Lok Sabha consists 552 members, 530 members represent the states of India and 20 members represent the Union Territories. Two members nominated by the President of India to represent the Anglo-Indian community.

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha presides over its sessions and ensures the smooth conduct of business. The Lok Sabha plays a crucial role in the functioning of the government, as it is responsible for passing bills, approving the budget, and holding the government accountable through question hours, debates, and discussions.

The Lok Sabha has the power to elect the Prime Minister of India, and has the authority to remove the government through a vote of no-confidence. It is an essential institution in India’s democratic system and serves as the voice of the people in the legislative process.

Rajya Sabha Election

The Rajya Sabha is the upper house of the Parliament of India. The Lok Sabha, the members of the Rajya Sabha not directly elected by the people of India. The Rajya Sabha represents the states and union territories of India and designed a council of states.

The members of the Rajya Sabha elected by the elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies. The method of election from state to state, the members elected through an indirect voting process. The elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies vote to choose the representatives who will serve in the Rajya Sabha.

The total number of members in the Rajya Sabha is fixed at 245, 233 members represent the states and union territories, and 12 members nominated by the President of India for expertise in the specific field’s literature, art, science, and social services.

The Rajya Sabha plays a crucial role in the legislative process. It reviews and scrutinizes bills passed by the Lok Sabha, provides a platform for in-depth discussions and debates on various issues, and acts as a check on hasty or biased legislation.

It is responsible for representing the interests of the states and union territories and ensuring that voices heard in the national decision-making process.

Members of the Rajya Sabha serve a term of six years, with one-third of the members retiring every two years. This staggered term system ensures continuity and stability in the functioning of the house.

State-Based Vidhan Sabha Elections

Vidhan Sabha elections held in India to elect the members of the State Legislative Assemblies. These elections conducted separately for each state and union territory in India. The Vidhan Sabha is the lower house of the state legislature and responsible for making laws and governing the respective states.

The Vidhan Sabha elections are held according to the provisions of the Constitution of India and the laws laid down by the Election Commission of India. The Election Commission is responsible for the conduct and supervision of these elections.

The electoral process for Vidhan Sabha elections involves:

Election Schedule: The Election Commission announces the schedule for the Vidhan Sabha elections, filing nominations, scrutiny of nominations, withdrawal of candidature, and the date of polling.

Nomination Process: Candidates interested in contesting the elections required to file nomination papers. They need to fulfill the eligibility criteria, being a citizen of India and not being disqualified under any law.

Scrutiny and Withdrawal of Nominations: After the nomination process, the Election Commission scrutinizes the nomination papers to ensure that the candidates meet the necessary requirements. Candidates given an opportunity to withdraw nominations.

Campaigning: Candidates and political parties engage in campaigning to garner support from the voters. They hold public rallies, conduct door-to-door campaigns, and use various media platforms to reach out to the electorate.

Polling: On the designated day, eligible voters cast their votes at the polling stations in their respective constituencies. Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are typically used for voting.

The Counting of Votes and Declaration of Results: After the polling is completed, the votes are counted in the presence of elected officials and candidates or their representatives. The results are declared, and the candidate who receives the highest number of valid votes in a constituency is declared the winner.

Vidhan Sabha elections are crucial for the functioning of state governments as they determine the composition of the State Legislative Assembly and the government that will govern the state.

These elections provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the democratic process and shaping the governance of respective states.

2023-24 Assembly Elections by Eci.gov.in

MIZORAM 17-Dec-2023 40
CHHATISGARH 03-Jan-2024 90
MADHYA PRADESH 06-Jan-2024 230
RAJASTHAN 14-Jan-2024 200
TELANGANA 16-Jan-2024 119


General Queries on Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24

PM election Date for 2024?

PM Election Date is due in May 2024.

How many Seats are there in Lok Sabha (Parliament) in India

543 Seats Lok Sabha Seats in Lok Sabha

Future Assembly/Vidhan Sabha Elections 2023/2024?

Assembly Elections of 2023/2024 are, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram.

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