National Tofu Day September 1st 2023, History, Celebration and Recipes

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National Tofu Day September 1st 2023, History, Celebration and Recipes

National Tofu Day September 1st 2023, History, Celebration and Recipes

People all throughout the world adore and appreciate tofu, a bean paste meat substitute. It is the ideal way for vegans and vegetarians to avoid eating meat while still receiving enough protein in their diet. Tofu has been used as a traditional eastern meal for ages.

Tofu may be prepared in a variety of wonderful ways and used as a filler in a range of meals. National Tofu Day celebrates the creativity that tofu inspires in people as well as its lengthy history as a popular meal.

For those who don’t think they like tofu (since, honestly, the moniker “bean curd” doesn’t do it justice), today is the day to try it – or try it again.

So load up on tofu and get ready for National Tofu Day!

History of National Tofu Day

Tofu is regarded a fundamental component of many different cultures’ diets, particularly in Eastern Asian diets. Tofu is unquestionably a staple, in the same way that meat, milk, and cheese are. Although it is newer to the Western market, the first recordings of tofu were made in 900 AD, most notably in Japan.

Tofu, which technically means “bean curd,” has several names in the Chinese and Japanese languages, some of which mean “morning prayer” and other interesting cultural connotations. The term “tofu” was not used until the 1800s, when English-language translations of cookbooks became available. Later on, when the meat substitute gained popularity in the West, cookbooks in the 1970s began using the term Tofu as its official name.

Tofu has become an iconic meal and healthy choice, particularly for individuals who choose to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, after being passed down over hundreds of generations.

Tofu can be prepared in a variety of ways, and each region in Japan has its own manner of preparing tofu that is unique to its local culture. Many people enjoy this soybean product as long as they know how to use it properly.

The goal of National Tofu Day is to highlight the long and rich history of tofu and show how it has influenced cultures all around the world. Every year on this day, the world celebrates National Tofu Day as one of the most adaptable and healthy foods on the planet!

How to Celebrate National Tofu Day

People go out of their way to consume tofu on National Tofu Day and get creative with their cuisine by adding tofu to any meal. It’s simple and enjoyable to experiment with tofu, or to return to a tried-and-true conventional recipe. On National Tofu Day, try these ideas for honouring this diverse and delicious food:

Try Making Dishes with Tofu at Home

  • Tofu can be used in a variety of cuisines, so one of the finest things you can do on this day is hunt up tofu recipes and give them a try! Make pad thai, bibimbap, tikka masala, and tofu-infused soba salad.

Get Creative with Tofu Dishes

  • Some people have a difficulty with tofu because they only think of it as bits of a slightly squishy and slimy stuff. This, however, does not have to be the case! Tofu’s entire adaptability means that it can be cooked (and even baked) into a wide range of recipes, enhancing and complementing the flavours.

Try some of these Unique ways to prepare Tofu at Home:

  • Vegan Spinach Cream. Those who have chosen a healthier, more environmentally responsible vegan lifestyle may be missing out on some of their favourite dairy recipes. By utilising a tofu cream cheese alternative, you can bring back those old favourites.
  • Taco Bowls with Vegetables. Tofu isn’t just for Asian cuisine! Try replacing the meat in tacos with tofu to create an entirely new type of cuisine.
  • Crispy tofu with a maple-soy glaze. Tofu does not have to be soft. Drain it and then fry it in hot oil to change the texture. Garnish with scallions and drizzle with glaze.

Organise a National Tofu Day Gathering

Those who want to genuinely taste tofu in all of its glory should travel to Japan, where it all began. Take advantage of the opportunity to eat some wonderful tofu delicacies on the eastern side of the world while participating in other tourism activities.

Japan is unlike everywhere other, with its bamboo forests, cutting-edge skyscrapers, and serene religious shrines. They also know how to manufacture tofu better than virtually anywhere else on the planet because they invented it. Try these Tokyo restaurants for delicious tofu dishes:

Tofu Kawakaze Asakusa Hamasei. This restaurant, a wonderful ten-minute walk from the tube station, provides daily specials and seasonal meals that will delight the taste senses. Its setting provides a sense of tranquilly and serenity in the midst of a bustling city.

Dy’s Tofu Room. Enjoy a meal in or a fast lunch to go–or a quick nibble with a classic afternoon Japanese tea. Don’t miss out on the Tofu Cheesecake, which is both tasty and refreshing.

Sasanoyuki. This legendary, old-fashioned restaurant offers traditional charm as well as some of Tokyo’s tastiest tofu. Some consider this location to be the birthplace of silken tofu.

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