National Cherry Popsicle Day 26th August 2023

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National Cherry Popsicle Day 26th August 2023

National Cherry Popsicle Day 26th August 2023

Nothing helps you lower your temperature and liven up the day quite like a juicy, refreshing popsicle in the sweltering summertime. The cherry popsicle is the ideal embodiment of summertime fun because of its vibrant red colour. On National Cherry Popsicle Day, you’re encouraged to indulge in these cherry-flavored popsicles without feeling guilty.

Learn about National Cherry Popsicle Day

The name Popsicle refers to a delectable brand of frozen juice that is served on a stick for convenience. However, these sweets have grown to be so well-liked that people now refer to all frozen juice pops, regardless of whether they are made by the Popsicle company, simply as ‘popsicles’. These frozen desserts are sold by a huge variety of international brands, and you may, of course, manufacture your own as well!

It’s noteworthy to note, however, that despite the fact that the term “popsicle” is frequently used to describe these delights, the name is protected by copyright. Therefore, it will probably be better to refer to your homemade Popsicle as an Ice Pop, especially if it ends up becoming your next successful business idea. You just never know.

History of National Cherry Popsicle Day

Contrary to many culinary delights, the popsicle’s true creator is known, and he was an 11-year-old boy. On his veranda, he was combining the white powder with water to make a soda pop. He left it on the porch and went inside, forgetting it was there till the next day in the absentminded manner of an 11-year-old. The following day, he discovered it frozen with the stirring stick inside; this is how the popsicle came to be!

However, it wasn’t until 18 years later that this invention would be made known to the rest of the world. He made the decision to debut the frozen pop on a stick at Neptune Beach, an amusement park in Belmar, New Jersey. Because of its rapid success, he registered for a patent and, at his children’s suggestion, gave it the name “popsicle”. Evidently, he preferred the more pompous “Epsicle Ice Pop” or “frozen confectionery” terms. In any case, Cherry Popsicle Day was created to honour the incredible flavour of the vivid red cherry popsicle.

How to celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day

While National Cherry Popsicle Day celebrate it by enjoying cherry popsicles and engaging in fun activities related to this frozen treat.

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate:

1. Enjoy Cherry Popsicles: Purchase or make cherry popsicles and savor their delicious flavor. You can find them in most grocery stores, or you could make your own using cherry juice, puree, or chopped cherries.

2. Homemade Popsicles: If you’re feeling creative, make your own cherry popsicles at home. You can control the ingredients and experiment with different flavors and textures.

3. Popsicle Tasting Party: If you’re with friends or family, organize a popsicle tasting party. Try a variety of cherry popsicle brands or flavors and compare their tastes.

4. Share on Social Media: Take photos of your cherry popsicles and share them on social media using the hashtag #CherryPopsicleDay. Describe your experience and encourage others to join in the celebration.

5. Popsicle Art: Get creative by using cherry popsicle sticks for art and crafts projects. You could make miniature houses, frames, or even small sculptures.

6. Cherry-Themed Desserts: Incorporate the cherry flavor into other desserts. Make cherry-flavored cakes, cupcakes, or smoothies to complement your popsicle celebration.

7. Learn About Popsicle History: Research the history of popsicles and learn about their origin and evolution. Share these fun facts with friends and family.

8. Visit an Ice Cream Shop: If local ice cream shops or dessert parlors offer cherry popsicles, visit one and indulge in a variety of frozen treats.

9. Make Popsicle Stick Creations: Collect popsicle sticks and create various crafts like bookmarks, coasters, or even small plant holders.

10. Donate Popsicles: Consider donating cherry popsicles to a local charity, hospital, or community center to spread joy and celebrate the day with others.

11. Cherry Popsicle Recipe Sharing: If you have a favorite cherry popsicle recipe, share it with friends and family. You could even organize a recipe exchange.

12. Picnic or Outdoor Party: Host a picnic or outdoor party where cherry popsicles are the star of the show. Enjoy the treats while spending time with loved ones.

Cherry Coconut Popsicle Recipe

Cherry Coconut Popsicles are a delicious and refreshing frozen treat that combines the flavors of sweet cherries and creamy coconut. Making your own Cherry Coconut Popsicles is a fun and easy way to celebrate, whether it’s National Cherry Popsicle Day or any other day you’re in the mood for a delightful dessert. Here’s a simple recipe you can try:


  • 1 cup sweet cherries, pitted and halved
  • 1 can (14 oz) coconut milk (full-fat)
  • 1/4 cup honey or maple syrup (adjust to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Prepare the Cherry Mixture:

    • Place the pitted and halved cherries in a blender or food processor.
    • Blend until you get a smooth cherry puree. If you prefer some texture, you can leave it slightly chunky.

2. Prepare the Coconut Mixture:

    • In a separate bowl, whisk together the coconut milk, honey or maple syrup, and vanilla extract until well combined.

3. Layering:

    • Start by pouring a small amount of the coconut mixture into each popsicle mold.
    • Add a spoonful of cherry puree on top of the coconut mixture.
    • Continue alternating between the coconut mixture and cherry puree until the molds are filled. You can use a skewer or a popsicle stick to gently swirl the layers for a marbled effect.

4. Insert Popsicle Sticks:

    • Place popsicle sticks into each mold, making sure they stand upright.

5. Freezing:

    • Place the popsicle molds in the freezer and allow them to freeze for about 4-6 hours, or until completely solid.

6. Unmolding and Enjoying:

    • Once the popsicles are frozen, run the molds briefly under warm water to help release the popsicles.
    • Gently remove the popsicles from the molds and enjoy!


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