India vs Pakistan Rivalry in Football

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India vs Pakistan Rivalry in Football

India vs Pakistan Rivalry in Football

The Football rivalry between India and Pakistan is intense and has a long-standing history. However, it’s worth noting that the India-Pakistan football rivalry has not been as high-profile or well-known as their cricket rivalry.

The Blue Tigers’ recent dominance
However, India has dominated the rivalry in recent years, having won four of the last five meetings between the two sides. This included a 3-1 SAFF Cup is hammering of Pakistan. India has been in terrific form in the lead-up to the event and will be hoping to extend their winning streak against their traditional opponents.

Pakistan, on the other side, has struggled recently, losing the past four matches played in 2023. Coach Shahzad Anwar, on the other side, will be hoping that his team can rise to the occasion and upset their arch-rivals.

The SAFF Championship is an important competition for both teams since it gives them a chance to compete against other teams in the area and demonstrate their skills. The competition will also act as a warm-up for the forthcoming AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers.

The football rivalry between India and Pakistan is significant not just for the two countries, but also for the region as a whole. The SAFF Cup has produced some great moments in the past, and there is little question that the encounter between India and Pakistan will be one of the tournament’s highlights. It is a game that will be seen by millions of people across the world, and football fans in both countries are excited and anticipating it.

India and Pakistan have faced each other number of times in international football matches and they most notably in the (SAFF) South Asian Football Federation Championship.

The AFC Challenge Cup, and World Cup qualifiers. Matches between the two teams have often been closely contested and have garnered significant attention from fans in both countries.

Historically, India has had a slightly better record in head-to-head matches against Pakistan. However, both teams have experienced ups and downs over the years, and the outcome of each match can be unpredictable.

While the rivalry between India and Pakistan in Football may not carry the same magnitude as their cricket rivalry.

It still generates excitement and passion among football fans in both countries.

These matches provide an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete for regional dominance.

It is expected that the players maintain professionalism and adhere to the rules and the spirit of the game.

If there have been any incidents of conflict or altercations between players during an India vs. Pakistan football match, it would be best to refer to news sources, sports websites, or official statements from the respective football federations for accurate information on such events.

The spirit of football, often referred to as the “beautiful game,” encompasses several values and principles that are cherished by players, fans, and the football community as a whole.

Last six encounters between India and Pakistan

  • India vs. Pakistan: Pakistan 1-3 India (International Friendly) on 23 Mar 2011
  • India defeated Pakistan 1-0 in the 2013 SAFF Championship on September 1, 2013.
  • India 0-2 Pakistan (Friendly International U-23 Team) on August 20, 2014
  • India defeated Pakistan 1-0 in an international friendly on August 17, 2014.
  • India defeated Pakistan 3-1 in the 2018 SAFF Championship. on 12 Sep 2018
  • India defeated Pakistan 4-0 in the SAFF Championship 2023 on June 22, 2023.
  • India vs. Pakistan: Overall head-to-head record* 27 games played
  • India wins with a score of 14 points.
  • Draws – 10
  • Pakistan triumphs – 3* is a source of information.
  • *Last Updated on June 22, 2023

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