Highest Individual Scores in Asia Cup (ODI)

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Highest Individual Scores in Asia Cup (ODI)

Highest Individual Scores in Asia Cup (ODI)

The highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023, which will start on August 30 in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, is rapidly approaching. With the participating nations split into two groups of three, the conditions are ideal for an exciting matchup between the six teams vying for the championship.

Three teams make up Group A, featuring India, Pakistan, Nepal. Group B, on the other hand, has of three equally strong teams: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. These teams are getting ready to demonstrate their abilities on the field.

In the One Day International (ODI) competitions of the Asia Cup, outstanding performances have frequently been characterized by outstanding individual batting displays. These performances have improved the players’ status and added their names to the record books. Unforgettable innings from the tournament have had a lasting effect on cricket history.

1.   Virat Kohli (183 Vs Pakistan, 2012)

Highest Individual Scores in Asia Cup (ODI)

On March 18, 2012, Virat Kohli performed a batting masterclass against Pakistan in the 10th Asia Cup as they attempted to reach a daunting mark of 330 runs at Mirpur. With 22 fours and one six, he scored an astounding 183 runs off just 148 pitches. This demonstrated an impressive strike rate of 123.64, emphasizing his capacity to blend regular scoring with spectacular shots.

India won by six wickets thanks in large part to Virat Kohli’s outstanding effort in the chase. This game serves as an outstanding illustration of Kohli’s batting prowess and his ability to lead India to a convincing victory, especially in the face of a difficult target.

2.    Younis Khan (144 Vs Hong Kong, 2004)

On July 18, 2004, Younis Khan displayed his batting prowess during the game versus Hong Kong at Colombo (SSC). He scored 144 runs off of 122 deliveries, displaying a superb effort. His innings had an admirable strike rate of 118.03 thanks to 8 fours and 3 sixes.

When it came to Pakistan’s first innings total of 343 runs, Younis Khan played a significant role. With the Duckworth-Lewis (DL) technique, Pakistan secured victory by a commanding margin of 173 runs, making this remarkable accomplishment advantageous to their team.

3.    Mushfiqur Rahim (144 vs Sri Lanka 2018)

Mushfiqur Rahim put on an outstanding batting display during the final 50-over Asia Cup match versus Sri Lanka at the Dubai Sports Club (DSC) on September 15, 2018. He batted 150 deliveries, scoring an amazing 144 runs, 11 fours, and four sixes in one innings. A commendable strike rate of 96.0 was as a result.

Because of Mushfiqur Rahim’s major effort, Bangladesh was able to score 261 runs in the first innings. This finally proved to be crucial, as Bangladesh won by a wide margin of 137 runs.

4.    Shoaib Malik (143 vs India, 2004)

Shoaib Malik put up an outstanding batting performance during the first innings of a match against India at Colombo (RPS) on July 25, 2004, during the Asia Cup. He scored an astounding 143 runs off of just 127 pitches, including 18 fours and one six. His strike rate of 112.59 showed that he could keep up a consistent yet significant scoring rate.

Pakistan scored 300 runs in the first innings thanks in large part to Shoaib Malik’s significant performance, and ultimately won the game by 59 runs.

5.    Virat Kohli (136 vs Bangladesh, 2014)

On February 26, 2014, in Fatullah, India and Bangladesh competed in the 12th Asia Cup. Whereas attempting to reach a goal of 280, Virat Kohli put up an outstanding performance. 16 boundaries and two sixes were part of his remarkable 136 runs off 122 balls. His strike rate for the inning was 111.47, demonstrating his superb timing and control.

India’s victory was made possible by Kohli’s exceptional efforts, as they were able to pursue the objective with six wickets left over. This game serves as evidence of Kohli’s batting prowess and his capacity to perform well under duress.

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