Doctors removed Earbuds, Buttons, and Safety Pins from a Man’s Stomach

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Doctors removed Earbuds, Buttons, and Safety Pins from a Man’s Stomach

Doctors removed Earbuds, Buttons, and Safety Pins from a Man's Stomach

A guy from the northwestern Indian state of Punjab swallowed approximately 100 items, including metal objects, causing serious injury to his health and necessitating a three-hour surgery. According to Indian media, the 40-year-old was mentally sick and had been complaining of a stomach ache for two years.

Kuldeep Singh, the patient, was suffering from symptoms such as high fever, nausea, and stomach ache when he was admitted to the Medicity Hospital in Moga, Punjab. Doctors then performed an X-ray scan to investigate the source of his pain and were astounded to find over 100 household items inside his stomach.

Singh ate lockets, earbuds, nuts, bolts, magnets, safety pins, zips, and shirt buttons, among other things. All of the things were extracted during a three-hour surgery. The operation was overseen by surgeon Anup Handa and gastroenterologist Dr Vishavnoor Kalra, according to the report.

The patient had been suffering from gastrointestinal problems for two years, according to Dr Ajmer Kalra, the director of Medicity Hospital. The doctor stated that the man’s condition was not stable when the things were removed from his stomach. He went on to say that the objects had been within the man’s body for quite some time.

The patient’s relatives stated that they were oblivious of his strange habit and had no idea when he ate so many foods. According to the investigation, Singh’s parents stated that he suffered from a mental health ailment.

Singh experienced a stomach ache and couldn’t sleep for days before being admitted to the hospital, they said. He had been to various doctors before, but none of them could figure out what was causing his stomach ache.

According to the New York Post, physicians diagnosed the man with pica, a mental health ailment. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the disorder is characterised by obsessively ingesting non-food things. It can be treated with treatment as well as changes in lifestyle and environment.

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