Doctor Kafeel Khan’s Thank You note for Jawan to SRK

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Doctor Kafeel Khan’s Thank You note for Jawan to SRK

Doctor Kafeel Khan's Thank You note for Jawan to SRK

As he read from his letter, Dr. Kafeel Khan asserted that “Jawan” is analogous to the Gorakhpur deaths for which he was fired.

Dr. Kafeel Khan, who gained notoriety in 2017 for the hospital fatalities in Uttar Pradesh, has written a letter of gratitude to superstar Shah Rukh Khan for his most recent film, “Jawan.” As he published the contents of his letter, he alleged that the movie makes comparisons to the Gorakhpur fatalities for which he was fired.

The letter’s message was “I felt compelled to convey my deep appreciation for your extraordinary commitment to using cinema as a means to address critical socio-political issues,” and it included Mannat, the address of the famous Bandra home of the superstar.

Kafeel Khan commented, “Thank you once more for being a beacon of hope.

When the oxygen supply to a hospital in Gorakhpur ran out in 2017, 63 infants died as a result. The paediatrician was suspended, imprisoned, and incarcerated. The government has refuted Dr. Khan’s claims that he has been exonerated of all significant accusations.

“The movie’s poignant portrayal of the tragic Gorakhpur Encephalitis incident has left an indelible mark on my heart,” the doctor remarked. Dr. Khan claimed that despite the movie being a work of fiction, he was “moved” by SRK’s decision to make it because of his “personal connection” to the incident.

Dr. Khan claimed that actor Sanya Malhotra’s portrayal of the character Dr. Eeram Khan encapsulated the struggles he went through.

In “Jawan,” a subplot depicts Ms. Malhotra’s character having trouble setting up an oxygen supply at a government hospital where kids are being brought due to high fevers. Later, the children pass away, and the doctor is found guilty and imprisoned.

Kafeel Khan wrote in his letter that he wished to see Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Jawan‘ director Atlee Kumar, and the cast and crew to express his gratitude.

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