At least 5 People have been Killed as Rainstorms and Floods Hit Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria.

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At least 5 People have been Killed as Rainstorms and Floods Hit Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria.

At least 5 People have been Killed as Rainstorms and Floods Hit Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria.


At least five people have died as a result of torrential rainstorms and flooding in Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria, including two persons who were washed away when floodwaters surged through a camping area in Turkey’s northwest province.

On Tuesday, Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya revealed that four more persons were still missing after a flash flood washed over a vacation site in Kirklareli province, near the borders with Bulgaria and Greece, where 12 holidaymakers were staying at the time.

The minister announced on social media that search crews had discovered two bodies and that six people had been rescued.

“The search and rescue efforts for the missing four people continue unabated,” Yerlikaya said on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, alongside photographs of a highly flooded forested area.

Heavy rain flooded streets and residences in at least two areas in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, closing some metro stations and trapping people in a library, according to the Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet.

On social media, Istanbul Governor Davut Gul stated that officials will give housing in public facilities for individuals affected by flooding.

The Turkish disaster management organisation AFAD forecasted more rainstorms for the country’s west and southwest, warning of the dangers of flash floods, lightning strikes, and high winds.


According to the Greek fire department, one guy was murdered in Volos when a wall buckled and fell on him. Five persons have gone missing, possibly as a result of the flooding.

Streams spilled their banks, sweeping cars away, while rockfalls obstructed roads and caused power outages in numerous regions.

The weather service in Greece said that a Pelion region village received 75.4cm (almost 30 inches) of rain late Tuesday, the highest level recorded since at least 2006. The average yearly rainfall in the Athens region is 40cm (15.75 inches), according to the report.

Because of the floods, “planes cannot approach the airport” on Skiathos, a representative for Fraport, the German corporation that administers Greece’s regional airports, said the French news agency AFP on Tuesday.

“The weather is extreme, and there are currently many delays in airport connections,” he explained.

Vassilis Kikilias, Greece’s minister of climate crisis and civil protection, said the heavy rain was anticipated to stop by lunchtime on Wednesday. He recommended residents in affected areas to remain indoors.

“This is an extreme phenomenon,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis remarked at a meeting with Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou on Tuesday.

The rainstorms and flooding came on the heels of deadly wildfires that ravaged Greece in recent weeks, killing more than 20 people.

A massive inferno raging in the Dadia National Park in the northern Evros area over the previous two weeks has been classified as a “megafire” by specialists, destroying more than 81,000 hectares (200,155 acres) of forest.


Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov announced on Tuesday that two people had died and three others were missing following floods on the country’s southern Black Sea coast triggered by a storm.

“Those who have died are one man and one woman,” Denkov told media from the flood-ravaged seaside village of Tsarevo.

Several hundred vacationers on the seashore have been moved to safer locations.

As the ground floors of some hotels were inundated, authorities declared a state of emergency in Tsarevo and asked people to evacuate higher.

Flooding – Which is uncommon along the Black Sea coast, is becoming more regular in Bulgaria as a result of climate change and inadequate infrastructure upkeep.

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